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Why enable caching?

Adding caching achieves a few things

  1. Your app will load faster when users are doing common things
  2. You are much less likely to hit rate limits (especially if you are authenticated). If you exceed a rate limit then relevant parts of your app will stop working.

How to enable caching

1. Visit your project dashboard

a) Login to API Hero b) Navigate to the project you wish to add authentication to

2. Enable caching

Turn the caching switch on. Enable caching

3. Set the cache time (Time to live)

This is how long the API responses are saved and reused for the same inputs. It is also known as the Time to live.

In this example we set the cache to 1 hour:

Set the cache time

4. Cached results in the Request History

In the Request History cached responses have a tick in the Cached column.

Cached responses in the log